Friday, June 20, 2008

Gift from Dinged Corners

One nice thing about being part of the BCB (Baseball Card Blogosphere) is that once in awhile, a fellow blogger sends you a present. A month or so ago I made a trade with the lovely ladies (Patricia and Lucy) who run the Dinged Corners blog. In return for a Mike Piazza jersey card they sent me a bunch of Phillies and Astros cards. Even though I have a lot of Astros and Phillies cards, most of the cards they sent were cards I didn't have. Well, since then, they've been collecting Astros and Phillies cards and sent me a bunch. And once again they scored. Of the 13 pre-2008 cards they sent, I only had 5. Even better, of the 13 2008 Bowman cards, I only had 2. My luck getting Astros or Phillies Bowman cards had not been good (although the one Future Autograph card I got was a Phillie).

I decided to post two of the cards. The Tyler Green card isn't really anything special (as Tyler Green wasn't really anything special) but it's a card I didn't have. Even better, I didn't have any of the 1st Round Pick subset cards from 1992 Score. I don't care much for this set so didn't buy much. So my baseball collecting heart was pleased on two levels.

This other card is a 2003 Playoff Prestige. These cards are very nice and, of course, Jimmy Rollins is one of the top players in the National League. But in addition to that, I not only didn't have this card but I didn't have any Phillies card from this set. Packs of these cards were a bit pricey and I didn't buy many of them. So again, joy on two levels.

Thanks, Patricia and Lucy, for the wonderful cards.

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NMboxer said...

So glad you liked them! Lucy will keep searchin' -- which when compared to the rest of our hectic summer is a very zen pursuit.