Tuesday, June 17, 2008

eBay Find

2007 Upper Deck Premier

I just won this card on eBay for $8.47. I generally don't even look for cards like this because, based on the prices in Beckett, I wouldn't be able to afford them.

I call this blog Capewood's Collection. Capewood has been my internet nickname for about 10 years. Collections because I have several types of collections. But baseball card collecting is my real passion. I read about 20 baseball card blogs a day (thank God they all don't have a new post every day). I don't even know if there are any bonsai blogs (there probably are). On Cardboard Junkie today, he posted a card from this set he recently won on eBay for a ridiculously low price, especially considering how expensive a pack of these cards were when they first came out in 2007. Read his post here.

So I went on eBay to see what I could find. The first card in the list was this Roy Oswalt card. There was 19 minutes left in the auction. The bid was at $3.50. I made my first bid at 7:36:07 for $4.87. This wasn't enough to overbid the current winner and the bid moved up to $5.00. Here's an eBay tip if you haven't figured this out. At this level, a new bid has to be at least 25 cents over the current bid. This bid came back at $5.00, only 13 cents over my bid. That means that its the other guy's maximum bid. I came back strong at 7:36:30 with a bid of $7.47. and led the bid at $6.47. 19 seconds later, a new bidder came in at $7.97. I decided I wanted this card and rebid at something over $11 and won it for $8.47. According to Beckett, this card should be worth $20.00. Since it is numbered to 35, this might be the gold version of the card (which carries no premium over the regular version).

Now all I have to do is pay for it.

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dayf said...

Nice! Glade I could help you spend some money ;)