Friday, February 29, 2008

My favorite White Sox card

This is for Steve who writes the White Sox Cards blog. I told him I'd post my favorite White Sox card. And this was before I knew he was a fan of John Kruk.

John Kruk - 1996 Collector's Choice

John Kruk, of course, was one of the powerhouses of the Phillies incredible run to the World Series in 1993. In spring training of 1994, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, had surgery and missed more than half of the season. He was 33 years old. But he did come back that season playing 75 games and managed to hit 0.302.

He became a free agent at the end of 1994.

In 1995 he signed with the White Sox and played 45 games. But with bad knees, even playing at DH was tough. On July 30, in a game in Baltimore, he hit a single, took himself out of the game and retired. He finished his career with a 0.300 batting average and 100 home runs.

According to my big Beckett alphabetical book of cards, this (and the gold and silver parallels) was the only 1996 card to feature Kruk. So I consider this his last true baseball card.

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White Sox Cards said...

That is one of my favorite Kruk cards.

There are a few more cards of hm on the White Sox, but there certainly aren't many. This would be his last card from his playing days.