Thursday, June 15, 2017

30 Day Baseball Card Challenge Day 8

Day 8: A card that reminds you of a family member.

2016 Berger's Best #31

I started collecting as an adult in 1985. This card reminds me that my younger brother started collecting a few years prior and had bought into the whole 1980s thing of buying cards as an investment. He believed that you should buy sets, put them in the closet and leave them there and retire on the income (I'm exaggerating a bit). Of course, this Berger's Best card is a reprint from the 1982 Traded set, which I don't know if he has. But I know he has the 1982 base set and I remember him being excited about the Ripken rookie card.

So, how did the whole investment thing work out? He's still got the boxes in a closet, hasn't looked at them in years. The 1982 Cal Ripken rookie card currently books at $12.50 and is readily available on eBay (in non-graded form) for around that.

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Fuji said...

It's crazy how affordable most of the key 80's rookie cards are today. I never would have thought that Ripken rookies would sell for around $12.50. I recently picked up an 83T Gwynn rookie for under $3. It truly is a buyer's market.