Thursday, July 7, 2016

1990 Upper Deck printing error

If you collect enough baseball cards you become aware of printing errors. Most are not that interesting but every once in awhile, I see something that attracts my attention.

I found a pack of 1990 Upper Deck in the repack box I wrote about yesterday. I found this card.

For one thing, this card has some condition issues. Every other card in the pack was perfect but this one has white spots scattered in it, most noticeable on the back. Now compare the image of the back from my scan to this image of the back I got from
Look in the lower right.

I've never seen something quite like this. I'm guessing it's a tiny piece of lint on the red printing plate.


Billy Kingsley said...

It's actually an ink blob that was not cleaned off the printing plate properly. It's really common on some Fleer sets but not too common on UD from that time period.

Fuji said...

eBay 1 of 1? ;)

capewood said...

Thanks Billy, that makes more sense than what I thought. Fuji, too bad it's Jim Ganter, rather than, say, Bo Jackson.