Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2016 Panini Diamond Kings - the extras

I featured the base cards of 2016 Panini Diamond Kings yesterday. Today I'm going to cover the inserts and parallels.

Before I start, let me note, that there are over 100 different parallel, inserts, and parallel to inserts, relics and auto cards in this set. Good luck.

There was a different insert or parallel in each of the seven packs from the blaster I bought. Here's a red framed parallel.

The early 2000's Diamond King sets were known for these, and I think those were among the first cards to use frames. I've always liked the concept. According to, these red framed cards are supposed to be numbered to 99. Mine isn't numbered at all.

I'm getting a bit tired of mini cards but the design of the front is outstanding. I would absolutely love this set if the full-sized base cards looked like this.

Of the ton of inserts, there are only five which do not involve some sort of relic, auto, or serial number. I got one of each. The base set does not have any foil but all of these do, but it's pretty low key.

Aficionado was a weird one-off set that Pinnacle (now owned by Panini) produced in the mid-1990s. This card has nothing in common with that set except the name. I like the front and, in fact, I'd have liked this to have been the design for the base cards. The backs are nearly the same as the base with a rectangular frame instead of an oval one.

 This is a pretty unattractive card with more microscopic text on the back.

Perez attempts to put out a stadium fire with a Gatorade bucket. Is this card supposed to be in the style of expressionism? I'm not an art critic and the Wikipedia article, while interesting, didn't help. Maybe it's just meant to display the player's expressions? It is certainly colorful.

 Another not very attractive card.

Another insert that I'd rather have been the base set.

Did you notice that I got card number 12 from each of these inserts?

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