Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Repack Madness #1

I found a new Fairfield repack package at the local Target earlier in February. The box advertised "20 packs!" and "Now Includes One Hit Per Box". For only $19.99. Since there wasn't anything new (I'd already bought all the Series 1 Topps I was gonna buy). I picked this up.  There were 290 cards in the box, since several of the packs were jumbo rack packs.

2012 Topps World Series Medallion Mickey Mantle
Normally, I wouldn't get too excited about a manufactured relic like this but at least this one was reasonably hard to get. It came as an insert to the retail 2012 Topps Factory set. No way was I buying a set just to get one of these. There are three cards in the set, this being #3. Since I think there was only one of these in each factory set (at least it was displayed on the outside of the box so you knew which one you were getting), getting the set would be pointless.

1991 Score World Series Trivia
The oldest cards in the box were two 1991 packs of Score. Topps had gum, Fleer had stickers, Donruss had puzzle pieces and Score had "Magic Motion Cards".

2007 Fleer #169 Greg Maddux
This pitiful design was the last year of Fleer, after Upper Deck bought the company. I understand that Upper Deck will release a Fleer set this year. I hope it's better than this. The worst thing about this card is the back where the player number is huge and the card number is barely readable.

2007 Fleer Soaring Stars Alfonso Soriano
Soaring Stars was a 20-card insert set. The box had a jumbo rack pack which implied that these cards were exclusive to this packaging. Since you could get them in regular packs as well, perhaps there were just a few which were only available in the rack packs. This Fleer set was all about plain. No gloss, no foil, no nothing special.

2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update #420 Mariano Rivera
There were several packs of this, very likely the most worthless set from 2008.

2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update #447 Matt Capps
The pitcher equivalent of a card featuring a batter holding a bat extended in front of him.

2012 Topps #30a Joe DiMaggio
Everything else in the box was 2012 Topps products. This came from a jumbo rack pack. After the Mantle medallion, this may be the second best card in the box. This is a veteran variation card. I bought a lot of 2012 Topps and didn't get one of these. The regular #30 features Derek Jeter.

2012 Topps Ian Desmond
Here's Ian Desmond practically taking off Justin Heywood's head while trying to turn a double play.

2012 Topps #180 Mariano Rivera
Over the years I collected a number of players in binders. For some reason, I never collected Rivera. I may have to go through my boxes of commons and pull Mariano cards out. I'm retired, I've got plenty of time.

2012 Topps #231 Dexter Fowler
I love cards featuring plays like this. Is he safe or out? You make the call.

2012 Topps #443 B. J. Upton
OK, one more.

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Hackenbush said...

A bunch of those Mantle cards have sold recently for about half the price of the box. Not bad!