Sunday, November 29, 2009

Song of the Week - Der Kommisar by After The Fire

I have 8,312 songs on iTunes. This is one of them.

Nothing says 1980s to me more than New Wave music videos. This was back in the days when MTV actually existed to play music videos. When I was looking for this song on YouTube I also found the Falco version in German. I was aware of this version of the song but am more familiar with the After The Fire version. So I decided to post them both for your enjoyment, or angst, whatever.

The After the Fire version catches the whole twilight of the Cold War thing while the Flaco version doesn't do anything for me. If you're late to New Wave, you might want to check out this post here for a list of the top 150 New Wave songs. Let the arguments begin.

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night owl said...

That list you linked to brings back memories. New wave was high school/college for me, so lots of great memories and tunes there.

I was just bickering with my wife the other day after Der Kommisar came on the radio. She said it was awful '80s music, I said, it was the background to our high school years, so you have to at least respect it.