Monday, October 19, 2009

Jim Palmer cards

I got this Jim Palmer rookie card in the great church bazaar box from a few weeks ago. Certainly not a mint condition card but not in bad shape for a 43 year-old piece of cardboard. Beckett lists this card at the ridiculous price of $100. As of when I wrote this post, there were about 25 of these cards going on eBay. Only two had bids, both in better shape than my card and the bidding was in the $5-$10 range. This card has not too sharp corners, a couple of light creases and a little stain on the upper right corner. The back is spotless.
This is the only card from Palmer's career that I own. I had these two post-career cards. This next card is a 2004 Diamond Kings Hall of Fame Heroes numbered 65 of 1,000. I pulled this from the box of 2004 Diamond Kings I had bought that year.
This card is a 2006 Topps Turkey Red. I pulled this from a pack of Turkey Red.
Jim Palmer had some great accomplishments in his Hall Of Fame career. He was a 6-time All-Star, a 3-time Cy Young Award winner and has 3 World Series rings. And he was also a famous underwear model.

This ad was on sale on eBay for about $4.00.


Sharpe said...

I've decided that I need to find myself a Jim Palmer rookie card.

I plan to feature my collection at some point, but I know I'm missing the rookie card among others.

Really nice find!

Glenn Drake said...

Jim sure looks sexy in just a white undershirt and tighty whites! This is what I imagine when I fantasize about him.